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Kraken Scales - Piratech Blue

Kraken Scales - Piratech Blue

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Crystallized Titanium Scales Series - Dropping on 1 June

The first anniversary of Piratech is coming on 1 July 2024, to mark this milestone, we are launching new crystallized scales in our classic Piratech Blue!


A complex formula of chemical compound liquid and right-on-notch heat treatment is required for crystallizing titanium material.

  1. The formula has been iterated to the third version, which creates a clearer crystal pattern in the titanium.
  2. The heat treatment process makes the titanium block crystallized inside and out.

After the process, we mill those titanium blocks into scales. With a thicker block, the crystal pattern shows more clearly, therefore, the titanium block in this scale is 10%-20% thicker than the normal process. 



  • Material: Titanium 
  • Finish: Titanium crystallized heat treatment
  • Pattern: Sharded ice pattern
  • Color: Piratech Blue
  • Handle length: 4.41"/112.02mm
  • Handle width: 1.02"/25.96mm
  • Weight: 50g/1.76oz


Package contains:

  1. pair of titanium scales (with eight magnets)
  2. One piece of titanium filler 
  3. One titanium milled clip
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