Kraken, A Knife Changes Your Knifestyle Forever!

Kraken, A Knife Changes Your Knifestyle Forever!

The Piratech Kraken is the first product Piratech presents to the world with great vision behind it. 

Visions we have for Piratech and the Kraken

The company was founded by the inspiration of exploration of the world we think we already know. 

We found that lots of innovation nowadays in the knife world was innovated for innovation, not for actual function improvement or practical ease of use. Companies complete those innovations to catch more attention instead of customers' real needs.

Some of the innovations even make the product more complex and difficult to use. The reason behind this is a disregard for the "already explored" world.

For Piratech, we founded it to be the flag of the exploration, fearless and simple solutions. 

For the Kraken, it's the first product we present to you with the simplest solution that provides most game-changer system in the knife world. 

Three Game-Changer Innovations of the Kraken 

    1. Mag-Snap™ system(Patenting)

The Titanium scales of the Kraken were sat on the steel liner by strong magnets which could provide more than 75N force per scale. (It's like a 7.5 kg weight press on the scale. Won't even fall apart of a drop from one foot tall to the carpet) 

What's good about the Mag-Snap™?

It's the simplest scale swap system ever made in the knife industry. This means endless fun and options of the different scales to match your outfit every single day without any pain from the screws, knife parts, or centering! 

Just like picking a watch or watch band for Apple watch every day before goes out, you could pick the scales you want and swap it within a minute.

The iconic clean look of A Mag-Snap™ knife.

Since the scales are held on the liners by the force of the strong magnet set, all screws are hidden underneath the scales which provides you with an extremely clean look from both the show side and the clip side of the knife.

The foundation idea behind this simple solution of this game-changer innovation.  

Break down the function of the screws, it could be separated into two simple functions: tighten and stop wobbling = provide a force to press the liner and scales together + be a stop pin to stop the wobbling of two layers of material. 

So if we see the magnetic force as a one-direction force, we could replace the first function of the screws, tightening, with it. 

And still mill cutouts under the scales for the screws to let the screws head provide it's second function to stop wobbling.

    2. Reversible hidden screw pocket clip and filler

The 3D milled titanium pocket clip of the Kraken is screwed underneath from the clip side liner, therefore the clip is clean without any screw hole.

To make it reversible for lefties, we made the same cutout on the handle scales like the clip side, and a reversible filler to cover the cutout to keep the clean look of the knife.

What's the special of the hidden screw clip and filler?

The special part of those two are both designed to be easily removed without taking the whole knife apart and also without any screw showing, which means making the filler as the screw nut for a long screw to hold the clip and filler together is not an option.

Innovative filler and screw position with a simple solution! 

We realized that the force of the Mag-Snap™ is strong enough to press the filler in place so we mill cutouts beneath the scales to match the filler shape and hold it in place.

For the clip screw, we drill two holes on each side of the liners. One big and one small. The big one is for a screwdriver to go through, the small one is for the screw and those two holes on each liner are reversed position so we could tighten the screw of the clip on another side of the liner without taking the whole knife apart. We need two holes on the clip, one is for the left carry screw hole and one is for the right carry screw hole on the liner.

    3. Piano Strings core for the crossbar lock and redesigned shape!

To make the ambidextrous knife fit for the Mag-Snap™ system, an ambidextrous type of lock mechanism with a liner would be the best option. 

Therefore, the crossbar lock was the first and best idea for the Kraken.

Why piano strings core?

For the spring, we've tested a lot of different steel but the result is not so great, either not strong enough or too easy to break. 

We found that piano strings have the same requirements we need, long-lasting,  keep up with the tension, and most importantly, won't snap easily! 

Aside from all that, after testing the piano strings' core, it gives us another surprise, the sound of its ringing frequency is also fantastic! 

Redesign springs

After some testing of the piano strings core, we found that the Omega shape for the spring has a too large angle for normal use so we redesigned it with a smaller angle or say more open angle and shorter spring to provide more strength and snappy sound. 

Minimalist design and meanings for the Kraken

Clean and ergonomic handle shape

The handle shape of the Kraken was designed to be function first then beauty next. 

The rounded handle end was designed for the user to put it against their palm stably and comfortably to deploy the crossbar lock. Also, reversible clip and filler shape has symmetry axis.

The finger cutout of the handle is for the index finger to put and lock in comfortably but also for the middle finger while choking up the grip. The cutout also for easy access to the thumb stud without making the stud too tall and proud.

With a wider end than the front handle shape, people could have a nice and solid grip. A little bit of re-curve of the handle back will ease the handle in the user's palm. 

Other than those ergonomic considerations and some internal structure considerations, there are not many fancy lines or eye-catching points added to the design which make it nice and clean.

The most popular practical blade shape

According to the data from the knife market, sheep foot blade shape has overtaken the drop point's first place as the most popular blade shape in the community. 

It has a low tip for everyday small tasks and is almost straight but with a little belly cutting edge for cutting, chopping, or slicing. 

We also put a choil on top of the blade spine that allows people to choke up and put an index finger on it to do some detail work with the blade tip. 

The center line of the blade was designed to be a bit lower than the center line of the handle so users can get a nice higher grip and lower blade position to cut on a flat surface.

Meanings and design match

The Kraken is a monster from the sea, it's the nightmare of a pirate. Naming it Kraken encourages people to face the fear of doing what they think is right.

After the knife prototype is out, we are all shocked to notice that the Kraken looks just like a bit weird shape of a ship that cracks all the waves to sail. The name and design all match up in our heads. This is the Kraken, one and only!

(Fun fact: Kraken is the first knife design Damon Huang designed after Piratech has been found. It was designed for his loved one, Kay. The name of Kraken can be short for KK same as Kay's pet name.)

Specs of the Kraken

The Kraken's first production model is limited to 200 pieces as the founding model will be assembled, QC, and packed by the founders of Piratech, Damon, and Kay.

  • Equipped with CPM-S90V steel blade for nice edge retention and cutting performance. 
  • Titanium black bead blast finish handle scales, filler, and mill clip for a nice touch and minimalist look. 
  • Heat-treated steel liner and all heat-treated 1.4116 steel fine-milled T8 hardware for tough and long-lasting use. (Including pivot screws and stud) 
  • 3.22" sheepfoot blade which is the perfect size for a lot of people to choke up and put the index finger on the blade spine choil to do detail work. 
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I 1st saw your knife in Metal Complex on YouTube and I was blown away. It wasn’t a full review, just a short unboxing, and still, I immediately had to find out more. I don’t know what drove all of you to leave Kizer to pursue this project, but I am extremely glad you did, because I have the overwhelming feeling you will not only be mine, but many other people’s favorite knife company PERIOD.
I wish you all, but especially Kay, a long and extremely successful journey ahead. Reach out from the depths and strike fear upon the knife industry.
I also love your logo btw, if you haven’t thought of it already, you might like the idea of a Black Flag, since it would match the color of the depths from where the Kraken would appear, perhaps even simply sillouhetting the Kraken onto the flag.
Lastly, my birthday was this October 19th, so simply being possibly able to find this knife with the same birthday seems like something I will hunt for till the day I die. Overall, greatness on every single aspect. How exciting for something like this to come along. Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart.

Rodrigo Santana

I’ll have number 001.

Bradley Odom

Can’t wait for October 4th.😄 The Kraken will be released. 🐙

Dwayne Keith

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