Warranty Q&A

Warranty Q&A

Product Warranty of Piratech

As a tech company, we might not be able to provide a lifetime warranty on all products since we will keep innovating on products and upgrading some parts of the knife for customers who purchased the previous version. Also, we will do our best to keep the frame construction the same as the previous model, so that customers can upgrade their knives with new parts.

1. What Is Warranted.

We warrant for those who use knives correctly like many other knife companies do, correct use includes box opening, food preparation, paper cutting, and other detail works.

We also warrant scale swapping, customers should follow the instruction video listed on our website to swap the scales to make sure not to void this warranty.

2. What Is Not Warranted.

We may be a tech company but we still have to follow the rules of physics, therefore, we do not warrant those wrong uses for pocket knives, including prying with the tip, dropping the knife to the ground tip down, chopping the blade into something then pry, and chopping the steel bar.

3. Q&A

Above is roughly short for the warranty, there will be a lot of real-world situations we will never expect to happen every moment. Therefore, please comment down your questions about certain situations you are facing, and what you think you need, we will answer you or discuss the warranty in a practical way with you.



Any modifications, including blade modification, handle, or liner modifications will not be under warranty.

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So if my knife breaks in any way while I’m using it correctly you will fix the broken part?

(Like Benchmade)


If I carefully added a finger choil to the blade, using a belt sander, would the knife still be considered under warranty?
(I would be removing the blade, adding the finger choil, and bringing the edge angle down just a few degrees before reassembling the knife. So no metal shavings would be left inside the knife.)


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