Piratech knives logo Kraken in black and white


Who We Are
We are a bunch of modern pirates who wanna explore the world and change things.
We honor Colón, Einstein, Tesla, and those people who explored the world and proved different points of view thoroughly, that other people can never see the world in the same way again. 

Seek Different is the core value of the Piratech brand.  

What Is In Our Blood
We are keen on exploring the world just like many generations before us, enjoying the excitement of finding new stuff and the joy after defeating fear.
It is in our blood and, that is what we call the meaning of life as human.

Also, Coffee and Rum.

Our Mission
Make high quality knives in a different way is the mission of our life.

Our Vision
Change the way people sees knives.


All aboard, raise the kraken flag, let's set sail to the unknown!

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Received mine a few weeks ago and am putting it through it’s paces—so far so good. Great product thus far, and am excited to see what else you launch!

J.W. Maddalone

I’ve seen two Kraken reviews and read dozens of comments on those videos. Weird how almost everyone overlooks the fact that 🧲 attract steel, and knife blades are made out of steel. Jokes on them for overlooking the magical potential that has for action. Arrrr matey!


Would have loved to had a Kraken but I appear to be a day late . . .story of my life.

Neil Watson

I just saw this knife on the METAL COMPLEX you tube site twenty minutes ago and knew I had to have one. I’m glad I was able to get one of the first 200 being made. Very excited to get the actual knife.

Ron Eberle

My Kraken arrived today(number008), it’s a great piece of art. Came perfectly centered, sharp and packaged very well. Great job on the design, the build, the shipping and service with a smile.

Ben Albany

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