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The Knowledge We Inherited From the Ancients

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Piratech aims to explore the world to seek difference and simple solutions to improve human life.

After the first product, the Kraken with Mag-Snap System was presented to the world successfully. We are proud of what we've brought to the world and grateful for your support. However, as our soul calls, comfort and success will never stop us from exploring and seeking differences that could change the world.

The success of the first launch supported us in doing what we love to do, exploration.

While we did our research and stepped into history we discovered something extraordinary that we would love to bring back to the world in a more modern way to let more people in the world could enjoy its unique beauty.

It first appeared to the world almost 400 years ago, the technique of producing it was based on the experience of bronze casting 3000 years ago and now it's the Intangible Cultural Heritage of China, which means the technique of producing it is almost lost in history. We are so lucky that we could find a way to restore its glory.

Crystallized Copper Casting | Piratech
(Picture could not do it justice from the factory light, we will update more pics later)

It was called 斑铜 in Chinese yet now we found no accurate translation so we would love to name it the Crystallized Copper and it used to be made as artifacts for royal use. By that time, the Crystallized Copper was worth the same weight as gold since it take a craftsmanship and focus on details to cast it. 

Casting Crystallized Copper | Piratech
With high polish, it would shine as ruby mixed with diamond. It will also patina in its way as copper while ages.

A bit similar to crystallized titanium, Crystallized Copper also needs heat treatment for crystallization, the crystal of crystallized titanium is aluminum from titanium itself and it's very active so based on those metal heat specs we could produce the crystallized titanium with a heat treatment just like the high-end steel. However, the Crystallized Copper crystal is sliver and some other metal elements that not as active as aluminum also the heat specs of copper are very different to titanium, therefore, the principle of the crystallization is the same but the technique to produce is totally different, and much more difficult. That's why it was only used for handmade crafts instead of manufactured products and that's why it was so expensive as gold.

Beautiful Crystallized Copper with miniaturization crystal technique | Piratech

Aside from those formulas that were passed on with natural substances instead of chemical elements, we have to retry those combinations to find out the formula of its chemical elements, the difficulty of remaking it is the precise temperature and casting timing control by craftsman. The casting process must be done within 3-5 seconds after mixing all the elements in melted copper evenly (before those elements gasify at that temperature) and cold down soon enough for the crystal to stay that way.

Crystallized Copper Small Rod | Piratech

To control the crystal miniaturization and evenly in the whole rod before the copper cools down while casting, it could only be produced as a small rod which makes it rarer. The rod we show on the picture is about 13cm long and 9.83 mm diameter and we might be only able to mill 2 sets of the special parts out of it. This means every set of special parts might cost 1/4 to 1/3 of the same price as the same weight gold. 

Crystallized Copper rod | Piratech
For the moment, in 2024, almost 400 later after the first appearance we successfully produced a small amount of Crystallized Copper ready for milling into parts for those pre-orders. Although we still don't know how much will it cost eventually depending on the final QC we are so excited that we could bring this fascinating casting technique back to the modern world even if it costs us, we think it's still worthwhile. 

Please leave your comment or thoughts down below.

Thank you for the support of Piratech and let's explore the world. 

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That’s awesome! Feeling blessed to have got these parts with my round 2 pre-order!

Paul Quick

Very interesting 🤔 Now we know what it is Damon😁👍. I’m intrigued how metals are made and perfected. I started my obsession by watching the TV series Forged In Fire. For those who may not know what it is, it’s a competition where contestants have to make knives and weapons from different materials which may be new or just recycled junk. They also use different forging techniques to make the different styles such as san mai, Damascus and others. I have learned a lot from the show and find it very interesting. If your a knife enthusiast you should check it out and learn about what goes into making a knife blade. 👍😊

Dwayne Keith

Well done Damon and team. It looks like a very interesting material indeed. I was so very close guessing. It will do a great shipwreck patina for those into that style. Can’t wait to see mine on #008 🐙

Ben Albany

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