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Kraken Scales - Lightning

Kraken Scales - Lightning

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Entropic Anodized Scales Series

The Entropic Anodized Scales for the Kraken which are hand-polished and then chemically polished from the milled Titanium scales, show the beautiful gemstone-like polished surface and touches.


The process of entropic anodizing titanium scales requires a certain temperature and the right timing of putting the scales into the acid.

  1. The temperature is a painting brush of the artist, as they paint the pattern by controlling temperature differences on the scales.
  2. Acid, flame and timing are the painting colors of the artists.

After the process, we passivation those titanium scales to protect the beautiful anodize on the scales which provides more like a jade or gemstone's nice touch. Sleek but not slippery.

*It's more like a hand-custom work of art, we could not mass-produce it. Therefore, we will restock a few inventory from time to time. Please stay tuned and thank you for your understanding.


  • Handle length: 4.41"/112.02mm
  • Handle width: 1.02"/25.96mm
  • Material: Titanium 
  • Finish: Entropic anodized with mirror polish
  • Pattern: Lightning pattern
  • Weight: 50g/1.76oz 


Package contains:

  1. pair of titanium scales (with eight magnets)
  2. One piece of titanium filler
  3. One titanium milled clip
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