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Kraken Swan Shape Springs - 2 Sets package

Kraken Swan Shape Springs - 2 Sets package

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Kraken Swan Shape Springs 2 Sets

The extra springs for Kraken crossbar lock replacement.  

The springs are redesigned in a swan shape and made with piano wire, giving the Kraken the best spring tension and providing solid detent strength like a real detent.

*The length of the slot on the scales for the crossbar lock was carefully calculated and designed to be the over-travel stop system which could protect the springs from over-compression and bent/breaks. Please be careful with the crossbar travel distance after removing the scales.



  • Parts type: Springs
  • Material: Piano wire (High carbon steel)
  • Shape: Swan shape springs
  • Thickness: 0.60mm/0.0235"
  • Weight: 0.2g/set (0.4g in total)
  • Pcs: 4 springs / 2 sets of springs


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